Friday, October 12, 2012

And then you get to see that I do actually create things

You would think that as the house gets closer and closer to being finished that I would be able to find more time for, well, myself.

Yeah, you would think.


It seems like there's a million little details that need to be finished. Receipts need to be put together and sent off. Counters need to be cleaned. Drawers need to have the dust vacuumed out (because there were no counters for awhile to keep said dust out). Walls need paint touchups. Electrical covers to be put on. Then taken off again because oh, I forgot to paint that part, then put back on. Baseboards. Mouldings. Crown. And that's just on the cupboards! We still need to put those things on the actual walls too. Plus there's the matter of the bed that broke and is just sitting on the floor now.

Anyway. As we move closer to being finished (what does that even mean?), I have found some time to create a few layouts. Actually, I have tons sitting in the closet. They need to be photographed. And when I finally had a chance to do so yesterday, well, wouldn't ya know it - the sun refused to come out!


So here I shall leave you with one that I whipped up over the last two days - it's just a sneak until the sun decides to finally shine - after which, I should (in theory) have about fifteen layouts which means more posts about scrapbooking and less about my never ending renovation (which is a total lie - I'm so going to post about the kitchen again, as soon as it's clean enough to be leaked onto the internet ;)).

For those of you who require the details - I've used Studio Calico's October Kit - Roller Rink and the add-on, Crack the Whip. The white die cut is from SC's Digital Shop and is one of the cut shapes for this month. I was running pretty low on inspiration, so this layout is based on one from the designer gallery - by Kinsey Wilson.

Anyway- that's all from me for today! Hopefully I'll be back soon with real pictures!


  1. Glad you finally found time to scrap! Your layout looks fantastic :)

  2. Lovely sneak! Hopefully we'll be seeing the full layout soon, seems like it'll (finally) be sunny today :)