Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And then you realize that this takes way longer then you thought

(there is a bar going to be installed right where that panel is)
It has now been 14 weeks since the fire.

It was 31 days before we were given back our "things".

It took eight weeks to see a cheque for the initial rebuild.

It was five more weeks until the cupboards arrived.

And after they were installed the doors had to go back for the glass to be installed - another one to three weeks.

It will be another two to three weeks until the counter tops are installed. Not to mention it will be another two days until they come to measure for the counter tops.

And there's still the bar to be installed. Tonight - fingers crossed.

So for now, we live in a disaster - though it is slightly less disaster like now that we have floors and cupboards.

As for me, I'm just tired. Tired of fixing and painting and cleaning and puttying. Paul is even more tired - he's doing all the heavy work - he goes to school at 7 am and then comes home and works on the house until midnight or 1 am.

Last night we watched TV in bed for the first time since the fire. Before midnight. It was insane. Almost as cool as sleeping in - only like before you go to bed ;)

Yesterday was my birthday. Paul gave me a new lens for my camera which means one day you will see real pictures on here. And not iPhone pictures that make me cringe. Soon! However, I'll leave you with one last iPhone picture of this disaster of a kitchen.


  1. Wow! Thats going to be awesome!

  2. Hello! Here you are!!!

    I can't wait to see some layouts from you, but in the meantime I hope all goes well for your new kitchen! It looks gorgeous so far...

  3. My friend!! YOu are a WAY better blogger than I am!!!!! But I do have a valid reason.... I am blogging 5 times a week for Freckled Fawn! LOL :) So that makes it okay right?! No? *hangs head in shame* lol! You are doing an awesome job here my friend!!!!!