Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And then there was a December Daily...

Despite my total failure last year in creating a December Daily, I've decided to embark on this journey once again.

My failure last year was due to a multitude of reasons, including my crazy finals schedule that ran right through the middle of December. I don't have that problem this year as I've taken the year off from school to embark on a few other "projects" for lack of a better word. Another very good reason for neglecting my December Daily was a lack of interest, partly because I was so busy with school, but mostly because I was just doing it to "do it".

With that said, last year's album still has thirteen pages that need to be completed. And they will get done. Just not right now.

Right now, I am focused on this year. And (as I write this) right now, I have four pages completed.  For me, that is a miracle.

This post will contain the album itself and the pages leading up to and including, the first of December. I am hopeful that I will post a page each day afterward, but don't hold your breath!

I went with simple this year. I have to admit, this is a total knock off from the Member Gallery at Studio Calico.  I saw this cover a few weeks ago and fell in love with its simplicity. Ever since, I've been running ideas through my head on what I could do to my own cover, but as the days dwindled, I knew I had to just bite the bullet and just get it done. So I went through the gallery again, and again, still loved raasendorf's cover. And this was born.

I decided against doing anything to the spine. My album from last year has a plain spine, as do all my other scrapbook albums, so it works for me. I've done nothing to the inside cover either, though I may go back and do some stamping when I find the right shade of red.
My first page is inspired by Ali Edwards' cover page. I actually wanted to just do a complete copy of hers complete with the Heidi Swapp disco stars, which I thought I had ordered. Turns out I hadn't so it was on to Plan B.

Again, using inspiration from Ali, I used Zing Glitter Finish in Silver to emboss a Studio Calico wood veneer tree. I wasn't happy with the first emboss and ended up doing it twice. I'm much happier with it now. Underneath I placed a banner from the Sleigh Ride Collection (Crate Paper). This is all adhered to a transparency that was included in the Studio Calico December Daily Album. On the backside of the transparency, I placed another banner to hide the foam adhesive that is on the back of the front banner. I'm still undecided as to whether or not I will also cover the tree on the backside.

The chipboard page behind the transparency has been painted using Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint in Mother of Pearl.

On the backside of this chipboard page, I've printed and glued the Bananafish printable included with the 25 Days class at Studio Calico. I changed the colour of the printable before I printed as I was not very fond of the darker colour surrounding the dots.

The bakers twin that surrounds the printable was a gift from my Secret Santa and is adhered with my tiny attatcher.

And finally, my first page for December.

This would be the lovely Stella. December 1, 2012 was not an overly exciting day here in my house, but the tree is up, and the house was decently clean, so I spent the day with my camera, playing around with settings, and snapped a few pictures of my pups. This was my favourite, so it got the place of honour as the very first picture. I have a few others that I'm thinking I may print smaller and either use them in my Project Life, or maybe an envelope that I will include in my December Daily album.

The overlay is from Ali Edwards and can be purchased here. I used the black coloured png file for December 1st and recoloured it in PSE10. I wasn't actually planning on doing this to my pictures, but I'm quite pleased with how it looks and will probably use this route for many more of my photos.

There you have it. My album, cover page, and first day of December. I know that many of the elements I have used so far have been used by others and I do not profess that mine are original in any sense. This method is simply what is working for me, right now. I always find that when I'm blocked creatively, something as simple as lifting someone else's idea, helps free the blockage. I'm hopeful this is the case for me and that I will be geared up to move forward with my own ideas soon.

And if not, oh well, because this year I am determined to finish this project in a timely fashion - no matter where the inspiration comes from!


  1. Yay! You're back!!

    I have so much to say about this post...in addition to "I LOVE IT". Best left for an email, I think, so expect one to come your way today.

    How was work yesterday? Gong show?!?!

  2. p.s. I think the tree has a lovely butt...I mean *backside*! tee hee