Sunday, January 20, 2013

And then there was another apology...

Someone please tell me where the heck January went? And December too, while you're at it! I am having a hard time figuring out just where the hell at this time has gone...

So my last post was about my December Daily, and how I was oh so happy to be staying on top of things, blah blah blah - guess what? That's about as far as it went...

My Project Life is up to date for January though (bahah - yeah, the whole two weeks!)... what? Doesn't count? Didn't think so!

Here is what I have been up to:

This is the first layout in awhile that I made just for the hell of making it. Honestly, I've just been too overwhelmed with Christmas and New Years and Baby Showers. I also started a new position at work and it was a total change from anything I had ever done before, so that's been taking quite a bit of energy as well.

Here is the whole layout:

Kit used is Block Party (Studio Calico) and add on, Wildberry Court. The paint used on the background, as well as on the resist hearts, is Chewing Gum from Jenni Bowlin - I absolutely love this shade of pink. The silver splatters are courtesy of Mister Huey's in Silver - which I absolutely love when it dries, but while it's still wet, makes me double guess myself! Hah. Background lace/grid/whateveryawannacallit is from the Silhouette Store and can be found here. There's also a hint of washi tape (Woodland Park Chevron - October Afternoon) and a few staples from my tiny attacher (love that thing!).

Of course the little one is Miss Kaelyn. Don't worry, I think I might be babied out on layouts for now ;) I've got one more project in mind for Kaelyn's baby photo shoot, but that will be a present for her Mama, so hopefully it's on to new and better things soon!

I'm throwing my sister a baby shower next weekend but I'm hoping to capture some of the "in progress" shots, so maybe, just maybe I might have some blog content this week! I really am hoping to put more effort into my blog this year (I know, I know - promises, promises...).

Here are a few things I'm working on (and hopefully by telling you, I'll feel more compelled to write about them!):
- A pre-made Baby Shower book to fill with pictures as the party progresses
- An album for Kaelyn's baby photos
- December Daily (finish the darn thing...)
- Decorations for Baby Shower
- Photo Booth for Diaper Party and Baby Shower
- Valentines
- Organizing my beast of a scraproom

Thanks for listening to my rambling babble! I hope to make more sense next time :)

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  1. DUDE!!! HERE YOU ARE!!!!!

    Don't apologize! You're doing what you can, and you are only accountable to yourself!...and to me.... ;)

    Two weeks of January is more than I've done, so it most definitely TOTALLY COUNTS!

    Eek! Blog post! I'm just so excited, I'm rambling a bit (a bit?!?!?)

    Anyhoo...Happy Hump Day!