Friday, July 20, 2012

And then there was the first post.

I will admit - I've tried this whole blog thing already.

Many. Many. Times.

And I'll probably start out well. Or this could be the last post - who knows? But for now, I'd like to believe that I can possibly make it through the summer and actually put up a few posts!

I suppose all first posts should be about the writer. So here goes: My name is Jennifer. I hate being called Jennifer - I prefer Jen, but when I write my own name I think "Jen" just lacks finesse. A strange but very true fact. You can call me Jen though.

I am Canadian. I was born in Newfoundland and lived there until I was ten. I am now 25 (26 in September) and still living in Alberta. We go back to visit every few years, but no, I would never live there again (sorry family!). My boyfriend of six years (Paul) is an Albertan and wouldn't last two seconds in the humidity! Actually, he's a better Newfie than I am... His accent (fake) sounds better than mine (real). It's very unfair. I have two pups - a term I use loosely, they're 3 and 2.5 years old. They are rottweilers and their names are Dexter and Stella. **Public Service Announcement: Rottweilers are not dangerous. Stupid idiot owners are dangerous. Talk smack about my dogs and their breed and you will suffer. That I promise!** I talk about them a lot and I take lots of pictures - mostly of Stella - she's my shadow and follows me absolutely e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.
My Babies
I am a paper crafter. I love to create and if I don't push some paper around at least once a day then I feel unaccomplished. That is not to suggest I make something every day - some projects take me days, others just hours. I am addicted to scrapbooking. This year I've taken on Project Life so hopefully you'll get to see some of that - I say hopefully as I'm pretty far behind!

The intent of this blog is to share my creations, my everyday life, and just record life in general. I'm not professing this to be just a "craft" blog or a "personal" blog - it's just my life in progress.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope to be back soon with some recent layouts and probably more pictures.


  1. Jen we have to be eachother's blog accountability partners, its the only way> :) See you soon! xox Shanna

    1. I agree! I totally need someone to kick my butt into gear so I'm game if you are :)