Monday, July 23, 2012

And then you make do with what you have

Several weeks ago, June 7, Paul and I had a kitchen fire. The details will be in another post that I've been attempting to compose for a few days; and while I'm slowly getting the whole story down, it's going to take a bit more time.

In any event, as a result of this fire, most of our things are now in storage or at a cleaning facility, or just plain old in the garbage. We are living at my parent's house until we can move back home again. It's been stressful but we're making the best of it.

So I'm lying. I cry about it all the time. There's just really no place like your own home. But anyway...

Because I had to leave most of my scrapbook supplies at the house for cleaning, I've had very few things to work with. Including pictures. Which to most scrapbookers may have been a problem, but I've been so deprived of anything to do, that I forged ahead and worked around that problem.

I have had my Studio Calico kits re-routed for delivery to my mom's address until we can move home again, so I have managed to get my hands on some supplies. Plus, my mom had an extensive (and I mean extensive) collection of scrapbooking materials so it hasn't been that terrible!

So I started crafting without photos. And just gluing paper to paper. There's no titles and there's no stories, but I feel like they're complete. And there will eventually be a story and a title and a photo, but for now I'm making do. And that's okay.

The above layout was created with SC's So Cal kit (and the Malibu add-on), along with some added doilies from A Life Handmade. I threw in some stamps from Summer Stamp School and a border punch (Martha Stewart).

This next layout is probably my favorite at the moment. I'm so excited to find a picture to go with it, but of course that will have to wait for a bit :)


Again, I used the So Cal kit from Studio Calico, with the Malibu add on. Chevrons have been sprouting up everywhere these days and I just love piecing together patterns so this was a really fun layout for me. Here some of the embellishments overlap where the photo will go so I was mindful of that and made sure that there was no glue behind those parts just to make placing my photo and eventual title into place a little bit easier. My only regret is not sewing on this layout - but oh well - I might just have to do that another day. :)

The chevrons were pretty easy to make - I wish I had taken some pictures to show you, but there's lots of tutorials out there that show how it can be done. I just cut squares with my paper cutter, then cut the squares diagonally. Then glue them into place! Pretty easy.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I know I am looking forward to Monday - nothing proceeds with the house over the weekend, so I'm hoping to hear from the various companies involved with the restoration soon!


  1. This is the only way I've been able to make chevrons. Triangles are the best!

  2. Great idea to scrap without the photos! And these pages are beautiful

  3. So sorry about the fire!

    Your (sort of) pages are great!!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the fire, but what a brilliant idea to create the pages now with what you have! The look great!

  5. I'm really sorry about the fire!! That is terrible, but I'm glad you've made some GREAT pages!!

  6. Jen, I'm so very sorry to hear about the fire! How awful. I'm glad you found a way to scrap in the meantime, your pages are beautiful!