Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And then there was a layout with a puppy dog

I've been creating so much lately but with no camera (it still has not been returned) I'm limited to borrowing one when I can. Which means I'm stretching out all the layouts I've made in the last few weeks so that I can claim to at least pretend to be a good blogger!

I'm pretty sure I mentioned in an earlier post that I was scrapping without photos. Which for the most part is indeed true - however, I did an order through Printstagram about a week after the fire and they showed up shortly after I had made those "photoless" layouts. Hurrah! So now I'm doing a bit of both - layouts without pictures, layouts with printstagram photos, and even a few layouts with old photos my mom has laying around the house (and there are a load of those, let me tell you!).

This layout was just made with a bunch of scraps I had left over after attempting to make a starburst shaped background. Well, let me tell you - that turned out horribly. It's sitting somewhere on my borrowed scrapping desk - perhaps I'll take a picture of it one of these days just to show everyone what a disaster I turned an apparently simple task into! Lol. In any case, I used the scraps to make a square background with a lot of color, popped some doilies on, and used a few of the overwhelming amount of printstagram photos I ordered of Stella!

Here it is in its entirety. I've entitled it "Oh the life" because Stella really does seem to have it good! Hah. I've utilized Studio Calico's June kit, So Cal, along with the add-on, Malibu. I've managed to get quite a few layouts from this kit despite not being totally struck on it in the beginning. Though you probably cannot tell, I've used the white woodgrain cardstock as the background, which has quickly become a favorite of mine. The texture is just so subtle and the weight of the paper is just slightly heavier than AC white cardstock - a point that makes me not so nervous when I layer on heavier embellishments. Another new favorite item is the Mister Huey I used on the background - this color is 'clay' and I discovered it in my mom's collection and have been borrowing it for weeks now! Last but not least, I threw in a few flair buttons from A Life Handmade. I'm totally loving all the buttons I ordered from there a few months ago and they seem to be finding their way into almost everything I make!

**Side note: I just realized that I never got around to putting thread in my buttons - oops! Not sure if they're looking too plain or not so if you think they need some thread, let me know! I'm open to opinions! :) **

That's all from me for now! I really should be getting to bed - just under a week until Paul is home from work and I still have many loose ends to tie up before he is home to start work on the house again! I dread the constant phoning - but I guess someone's gotta do it!

Hope you're all having a lovely start to the week! Thanks for reading :)


  1. This is so pretty. Hope you'll have your camera soon!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog today. I know what you mean about trying to be messy, and I promise to give it a shot ;)

    I'm glad you stuck to the kit. Sometimes kits don't appeal to us - I know the feeling! For what it's worth, though, the layout is gorgeous :)


  3. SUPER lovely!! I LOVe those pictures! SO MUCH FUN!!!

  4. I love this layout :) And you dog is super cute ;-) Hope she takes good care of you.

  5. 1. How did you find ordering from Prinstagram?
    2. I love this layout. LOVE IT!! The background is amazing.
    3. Those "pieces of flair" are awesome! I might have to see if I can pick a package to buy!
    4. I love that your Mom has Mister Hueys.
    5. Thanks for stalking my blog!

    1. 1. I like the photos but they take too long to get here. I'm an instant-gratification kind of girl!
      2. Thanks *blush*
      3. If I have any left (still unpacking) I'll leave them at TM for you the next time I'm in!
      4. Yeah, she's a nutcase - she is quite the scrapbook collector (I've been told by my dad that I'm not allowed to bring her to TM anymore..)
      5. ANYTIME!!! You update (unlike Miss Chantel ;)) So that makes me super happy when I have coffee in the morning and can read something!