Monday, August 6, 2012

And then we actually start renovations

Oh my goodness! I'm seriously really excited right now. Tomorrow Paul will be home and we will finally be able to start working on the house again! And not a moment too soon - I love my family and all, but living with my mom and my brother is starting to get just a little too comfortable for me. Not to mention the whole four large dogs in one house thing.

With that said, I will most definitely not be around for the next week. There's ceilings to go up, drywalling to tape and sand and dust to clean up, plumbing and flooring and electrical, and a whole lot of other things.

Plus there's the whole "gotta find out where the rest of our stuff is" thing. Then to unpack. Oi!

If I get a chance to pre-write some posts tomorrow then you might get a few words outta me - but don't hold your breath! I'm pretty slow at this blogging thing :)

See you all next week when this hopefully reverts back into my living room!


  1. yay for getting to move back!! i know that must feel great and it will make the hard work ahead much easier.

  2. Good luck! Hope you get enough done to move back in!

  3. Best of luck getting all the renovations finished.

  4. Hey, just stopping by to say "hi". We're in the Trend Spotting class together. Good luck with all the "home" work.